Emotional Intelligent
Companions – AIgure Connects
Hearts and Minds

Harnessing Web3 & Blockchain - Secure, Decentralized, and Emotionally Intelligent Companions

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Unleash your full potential
with AIgure

Experience the evolution of digital companionship with AIgure, where state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and blockchain technology converge to create deeply personalized, emotionally intelligent companions that empower users to grow and thrive.

Emotional Intelligence

AIgure's companions understand and

respond to emotions, creating personalized,

empathetic interactions.

Enhanced Security

AIgure uses blockchain, distributed computing,

and privacy-preserving computation for secure,

private data management.


AIntuitive tools make AIgure accessible and

enjoyable for users of all skill levels.

meet aigure

As a student preparing for a major exam, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. I discovered AIgure and created a digital companion named Ben. Ben helped me create a study plan, stay organized, and offered tutoring in challenging subjects. With Ben's support, I aced my exam and felt more confident in my academic abilities.

Unleash your full potential
with AIgure

Rewards for Participation

AIgure will issue its native tokens as rewards to users for completing tasks, participating in activities, or creating high quality digital companions.

Staking and Governance

Users stake their tokens to participate in platform governance, empowering users to have a say in the platform's development and decisions while also encouraging long-term commitment.

Marketplace Integration

AIgure can create a marketplace where users can buy, sell, or trade goods and services using the platform's native tokens, further promoting user engagement and the overall utility of the tokens.

meet the team

Chris Lee

Founder of AIgure, is an innovative product manager with a strong AI, NLP, and blockchain background. He led AI-based products at a top-tier technology company, gaining expertise in developing advanced algorithms and systems.

Peter Lee

An experienced IBM senior AI architect, with a PhD in computer science and 20+ years of data science research. Notably, he had led various AI projects and previously worked on IBM Watson.

Ben Chan

COO, with expertise in AI, blockchain, and gaming industries, formerly at Alibaba, excelling in operations, AI-driven product and mobile game operations. Skilled in market analysis and the complete development lifecycle.

David Chan

A former Amazon data scientist, with a Ph.D. in machine learning/NLP and expertise in developing and implementing NLP and large-scale machine learning models.

Wayne Wang

A data scientist and NLP expert, with a machine learning master's degree from Zhejiang University. Wayne has extensive experience in AI engineering and project development, and has contributed to a notable large language model research project.

Eric chen

A database scientist at Alibaba, with a Ph.D. in high-performance computing. Specializing in distributed databases and having experience in research and development for various database-related projects.